Unlike larger institutions the School of Punktum is rapidly evolving and varying its syllabus according to the request and feedback of our students.


  • ETHICS / Your weakness is your strength.
  • MAKING IT HAPPEN / Visualising Concept / Research Techniques / Logistics
  • SHOWING THE COST /  Battling Austerity with Photography
  • SHARING /  Website Design & Social Media in the 21st Century.
  • VISION /  Advanced DSLR techniques, Editing, Post Production, Sequencing.
  • LIGHT /  Light metering, Ambient light manipulation, Locational Lighting, Studio Lighting, Strobist Lighting, Experimental Lighting
  • THOUGHT /  Research Techniques, Social Engineering, Self-Acknowledgement, Ego Transcendence.
  • PRINT /  Book Making, Self-Publishing, Online Distribution.
  • VISITING LECTURERS / Lectures and crits by Claudia Leisinger, Lewis Bush, Rob Stothard, Sebastian Edge, Jim Mortram and Ben Roberts. (Lecturers may vary depending on scheduling) .


Through the one month course Advanced Students will work on a self-initiated project covering the subject of austerity in the U.K. They will have group Skype sessions with leading photographers whose projects have covered austerity in a multitude of ways from gentrification to the true cost of welfare cuts on society.  Each student will add to this body of work, creating an important social document. Your work will be assessed in weekly group crits with your final project being promoted on the School of Punktum website. We have also just found out that we will be exhibiting student projects at The East London Photo Festival at the end of 2016 with GENESIS Imaging contributing to the print costs.

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