The School of Punktum provides one month long photography courses for photographers from only £100.

With weekly practical photography workshops and lectures centred on documentary photography you will develop skills and further creative ideas you already possess to take your vision to the next level. There are two intensive one month courses available to study, for more information click on The Program.  For a breakdown of what you will learn click on The Syllabus.

In the current photo-industry there is a trend for organisations and individuals to hold expensive and exclusive photography classes, workshops and portfolio reviews. Punktum is for genuinely talented photographers who cannot afford to pay thousands for such opportunities or photography degrees.

Having lectured at a number of universities I am surprised to learn of whole faculties made up of lecturers who are not photographers. Every lecturer at the School of Punktum is a photographer. To see who we are click on The Faculty. 

So how does the School of Punktum keep costs so low? There’s no support staff, no owned buildings or assets, no chancellors or deans, no H.R or P.R and no pieces of paper. And the savings are being passed on to you!

And yes, we still organise FREE portfolio reviews!



Punktum began in the Spring of 2013 and was the brainchild of Ed Thompson. It operated as a series of free experimental photographic workshops, portfolio reviews and workshop sessions at the North London Darkroom. The word Punktum came from merging two concepts: Punk (Fast, hard-edged, stripped down, political, anti-establishment, do-it-yourself. – Wikipedia) and Punctum (A photograph’s punctum is that accident which pricks me. – Roland Barthes).

Punktum has now evolved into delivering arts education in the age of austerity.

If you work in the photographic industry and would like to offer support please do get in touch. If you would like to sponsor a placement please contact us!